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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Silverdale, WA

Resilience | Humility | Service



"Earning the confidence to walk with humility can be more powerful than physical force"



New Tiny Tuesdays Class!

Where Tiny Tot's and Jiu Jitsu Merge for Family Fun!

- Parent and child movements ages 1-4

-Tuesdays 1000-1045

Littles Class

Ages 7 and Under

Teamwork | Discipline | and Smiles :)

Dedicated to nurturing your child's fine motor skills, practicing the balance of assertiveness and social harmony, and building confidence in self expression through structured BJJ movements, calisthenics, and collaborative group exercises.


Youth Class

Ages 7 - 12

Hard Work | Discipline | Problem Solving

Demonstrating the value of a strong work ethic, building confidence to face challenges, and developing critical problem-solving skills through BJJ task-based learning.

Our approach prioritizes experiential learning over rote memorization, fostering active listening, critical thinking, and self-discovery through each child's martial arts journey.


Ages 13 - 17

Confidence | Hard Work | Problem Solving 

Combined with adult classes, the teens group fosters self-confidence and self control, and refines body mechanics and mental toughness through physically challenging practices.


At our dojo, mental growth is paramount as we strive to develop in every teen the resilience and confidence needed for lifelong success.


Adult Class

Ages 18 and Older

Building Confidence Through Community

We each have a responsibility to hone the unique gifts we are born with. The practice of Jiu Jitsu forces us to understand ourselves, our partners, and our environment. It challenges us to appreciate every breath, our survival, our mobility, our intellect, and our family and partners that help us grow. It reminds us we are wonderfully made, and each a blessing to our community.

We uplift. We foster confidence. We relentlessly pursue improvement in ourselves and our relationships with others. We understand that our true competition is with our past selves. Respect, laughter, and family are the cornerstones of our dojo.

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